My name's Deanna and this is my blog about my life as a mom.
I have 2 sons -
Caleb Gray & Logan Scott I have an amazing boyfriend, Dylan, who I've been with since 3/4/09.

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It’s amazing what changes from your first kid to second.

Caleb is almost 2. Logan is 4 months.

Caleb was exclusively breastfed for 4.5 months, never given formula, never given a cereal bottle, and only given organic baby food.
Logan is half breastfed half formula fed,  eats cereal bottles, and will be eating homemade baby food or whatever kind I decide to buy.

Caleb has always co-slept. Never slept in a crib.
Logan is on his way to being in a crib.

And that’s just a few things. I’m not as worried all the time with Logan, I’m not as scared to leave him with a babysitter… It’s just crazy.

9 months ago
On Their Own Feet →



One of my dearest friends, Deanna, is in a very tight situation right now. She has two small children, no health insurance, and her boyfriend recently lost his job. Her newborn son, Logan, was just in the hospital for a few days and the hospital bills amounted to over $10k. Medicaid is putting up an enormous fight to not allow Deanna and her children to get health insurance. There are even more medical bills that her other son, Caleb, who is about to turn 2, has racked up, altogether making the total around $20k. Deanna has no family to help her out, and her boyfriend’s family are already living in borderline poverty, making just enough for them to have heat and food.

I am Caleb and Logan’s godmother. I care so deeply for my godsons and for my friend, and seeing them all struggle like this is breaking my heart. Deanna is an amazing mother, but she’s at her wit’s end. There is only so much I can do to help, seeing as I’m only 21 and in college. But I am determined do to everything I can to help Deanna and her boyfriend get out of debt in order for them to stand on their own two feet and create a better life for them and their children. 

please reblog this, even if you don’t donate.

my amazing bestfriend is doing this for me. i’m not one to ask for help and this is a very humbling experience for me. i need help. i could care less if i have food or anything but my kids need a good life. yes, i’m a young mother. yes, i should have waited to have kids. you can criticize me all you like but what’s done is done and you being critical doesn’t change the situation at all. my life has revolved around my kids since i found out i was pregnant with my first. i’ve tried to apply for medicaid and i have it for my oldest but for myself and my youngest… they’re putting up a fight. they won’t answer the phone or call back and i did go in and fill out the application but they aren’t doing anything to move it along. my boyfriend lost his job and we’re both frantically applying anywhere and everywhere that’s hiring, he’s trying to join the army but there’s some delays in doing so… just nothing seems to be going right for us even though we’re trying sooo hard to make a life for our boys…

even if you don’t want to donate please just reblog this so maybe someone else can. even if its a dollar and i only end up $100 from this, that’ll help pay off some of these bills.

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This is some top notch shit. 

This is the best thing ever omg

I’ve been laughing for days. love it!

I was not expecting that to be informative at all lol

Lol ommggg

Um I’m offended that I wasn’t asked to twerk or BF in this video lol really tho this video is really funny and informative

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11 months ago

breastfeeding and the working mom

how do you do it? how do you find time to pump at work? how do you know you have enough milk at home?

11 months ago
minimizingmissmelissa asked: Hun, I had ppd too. I think I still may. What you said about feeling like your kids are going to get hurt or you feel the worse will happen...I feel that way too. I can't offer any concrete solutions, but what I can do is tell you what I do. When I get those horrible thoughts in my head, I take a step back and tell myself I'm being irrational and I breathe. You need to breathe.


thank you. i’ve been trying to just breathe and lay down for a while when they nap and try to relax but nothing really seems to be helping

12 months ago

Postpartum Depression/Anxiety.

i need someone to talk to. i had postpartum depression and anxiety with my older son and never did anything about it. i suffered for months without ever getting treatment. i felt defective. i felt like if i got help i was admitting i was a bad mother or there was something wrong with me. i thought i could handle it and i really couldn’t. i cried myself to sleep for months. it didn’t start right after he was born tho… it kicked in about 2 or 3 months later. 

i’m starting to feel that way again. i don’t feel connected to my youngest. i feel like i’m not doing enough for my oldest. i feel like a terrible mother. i constantly feel like i need to check on the kids, like they’re going to get hurt, like the worst will happen. i need help but don’t have access to therapy right now…

please, i just need someone to talk to…

12 months ago

i’m gonna go to cosmetology school.

1 year ago
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